Why Lio Rush Was Secretly REMOVED From WWE RAW

Why Lio Rush Was Secretly REMOVED From WWE RAW


The WWE Universe has wondered what’s up with Leo Rush. With Rush making mysterious comments on social media & vanishing for WWE TV. Take a look at why Leo Rush is not on Monday Night Raw. Before signing with WWE in 2017, Leo Rush, the talented Cruiserweight had performed in combat zone wresting & Ring of Honor.

The Hype Man worked in WWE NXT and debuted on Raw in 2018. Rush has served as Bobby Lashley Stipe Man since September 2018. But as of late he has been gone from RAW leading fans to wonder where he is. The reasons for Rush’s absence is simple, backstage heat & lots of it. Leo may be a good hype man, but his ability to talk has not helped him out backstage. WWE News consider some of the following incidents.



The Emma tweet in 2017

Rush came under fire by some of his WWE colleagues when he mocked Emma who had just debuted on the main roster for losing two matches to Oscar. Emma was released around this time. And Rush’s colleague criticized him particularly since he had just begun wrestling on NXT.

Bragging about his future

Leo Rush has got himself lots of backstage heat in this week’s edition of Wrestling. Observer noted there is internal heat on Leo Rush. Hype Man wasn’t out with Lashley on Raw this week. Rush is a very confident man. That can rub people the wrong way, even though you have to have that to be a star in the business. He has made it very clear to many people that Leo thinks he should be a top guy on the brand. And Rush hasn’t been shy about saying it.

Finn Balor Incident

Leo Rush has drawn heat for violating locker room etiquette including wanting non-wrestlers into the backstage area. Rush reportedly brought his wife backstage & wanted her there all the times. WWE Superstar Finn Balor tried to explain to him why this is frowned upon. However, Rush reacted negatively. If true, this is another mark on Rush’s reputation backstage. It appears that Leo Rush’s behavior has finally caught up with him.

Rush wasn’t seen on RAW when Bobby Lashley appeared on Miz TV. There was no mention of Rush or explanation for his absence. Leo’s lack has fans wondering whether or not he will return to RAW if Rush is being disciplined. He certainly isn’t showing any signs of rumors. Rush hasn’t been shy about responding to the backstage reports of his backstage behavior & responded on social media.

Explanations on Social Media

“Some of the stuff that I’ve read after getting tagged in on these dirt sheets are ridiculous. But since you all are recording my every move. Put this one in your newest article on me. Where I’m from, I was taught to value hard work, not complacency…”

Rush defended himself in another tweet:

“Push & believe in yourself past expectations other people have made for you. Put your family & god first before anything. Remain humble & stay hungry. Fight for things you believe in & never apologize for being you. Spread the word, #HEEL.”

The latest report indicates that while Rush has himself listed as a WWE Superstar on Instagram. He took down his status as a WWE Superstar on Twitter & noted he is open for business inquiries. Is Rush threatening to leave or only stirring the pot, looking to move elsewhere?

Rush is the latest WWE Superstar who has expressed their displeasure with the WWE. As discussed last week several superstars have asked for the release, and several WWE News writers quit the writing jobs there. The WWE Locker Room is rumored to be crazier than ever & the Wrestling observer recently documented how some superstars are looking for novel ways to get out of their contracts. With at least one trying to fail a Wellness Policy Drug Test purposely.

Wrestling Observer Radio

Dave Meltzer addressed this on Wrestling Observer Radio:

“I know of two people that have attempted that. One who strong attempted. Another din not attempted this. That is not the right word. I know one guy who was going to do that & I suggest that it would be a waste of time because it will not work. And another guy who did that & it was a waste of time & it did not work. Two guys have come to me with the suggestion & I told them it would not work. WWE’s Wise to it and they are not going to fire you unless gimmick. So that the deal. They are not gonna fire you unless they want you to go.”

With the WWE News notifying wrestlers they will freeze their contract as long as they refuse to work. It’s evident that WWE is not about to let performers start walking out of the company. Will Leo Rush End upon 205 Live serving as a demotion for his backstage behavior. Will the locker room take it upon themselves to discipline Rush for his breach of etiquette? How will Hype Man react to any of this situation?