Using the Map Hack Mobile Legends

Using the Map Hack Mobile Legends

Developer and publisher of the Mobile Legends game , Moonton, announces sanctions for players known to use the Mobile Legedns map hack.

Moonton admitted that in a day he had permanently baned 50 known players using the hack folder. Map hack Mobile Legends itself allows players to play unsportsmanlike, where players can see the movements of the opponent’s hero even though they are not near the minion or tower. In other words, players who use the map hack will be one step ahead because all of the opponent’s heroes have been detected.

This is very detrimental to the enemy team because the players can be caught suddenly or even if done in a team then they can be beaten directly.

Players who do hack maps usually rely on scripts or plug-ins specifically for cheating. Therefore, in response to this, Moonton has acted decisively by punishing or baning players regardless of whether the player is well-known or has a high rank.

“We will carry out monitoring throughout the day for 7 x 24 hours in the game. We will also impose sanctions on violators and publish them regularly. For players who use plug-ins or in-game scripts, once verified they will receive tires permanently,” Moonton said in his official statement, as reported by HiTekno.

Furthermore, Moonton added that any media that spreads how to install plug-ins and insert scripts to manipulate maps would also be prosecuted through legal channels. In the announcement, Moonton also invited all players to actively report fraud committed such as plug-ins.

Players are also asked to actively report other players indicated using the map hack Mobile Legends. For players who report via CS in games or other official communities such as YouTube and Facebook, Moonton will give prizes in return for these active players.

Therefore, players must be more careful, even though they have installed plug-ins without using them in games, there is a possibility that players will also be exposed to permanent can visit this site for more knowledge Mobile Legends cheats.

For those who don’t understand what a hack tool is, that is any third party application installed to try to change any type of game status on Mobile Legends and affect the balance of the game will be considered a hacking tool.These applications usually contain malicious code that is used to steal photos, SMS, contact numbers and passwords from various accounts on your cellphone and can cause serious damage to you too.