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As of now, if discussing Construction materials online top of one of them would need to consider “One Stock Home”, which is because of you Anawat Kim Goodnight (biting) and your sister Hood – Wachira Kym Marsh Morning sees space for development of the business. Selling development materials, which is the customary business of the family. Also, get the opportunity to expand on the online world by One Stock Home is a site for selling development materials There is an element that plainly demonstrates the item cost on the site. Empowering clients to know the cost of the item so they don’t need to call, ask or travel to our store Which makes a great deal of comfort for clients In this meeting We will become more acquainted with the One Stock Home and the group by beginning to converse with uob i cash, who is both the CEO and prime supporter of the organization.

How can One Stock Home have a beginning stage and idea in the foundation?

The start of the organization began with the family assembling materials business. With a retail facade in Korat Which I am the second era of the business, however 8 years prior, the sister who worked in Shanghai saw that the type of exchanging different items Began to enter the online world more And still nobody sells development materials online around then Therefore was conceived as a business thought that needed to give development materials which are items that the house officially sold. Can be exchanged on the web So we began to attempt to make our very own site. From the outset I thought I was simply supporting the offers of the customer facing facade at home. In any case, for reasons unknown, we can sell items everywhere throughout the nation.