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Kim Sang-moo commented, “LG Uplus is supporting 5G communication technology in construction and defense industry to support dangerous and harsh industrial sites. Demonstration of remote control mine removal using 5G communication technology and operation of unmanned excavator at the construction site. And will be able to utilize it anywhere in a poor industrial environment such as steelworks, waste disposal, building demolition. ”

However, what LG U + is most concerned about is telecom consumers. Kim Sang-moo said, “LG Uplus operates an unlimited 5G rate plan of KRW 50,000 until the end of the year to allow customers to use 5G service freely. In the beginning of the 5G market, 5G of professional baseball, golf, idol live, “We are looking forward to early adopters with our media services, and customers can watch high-definition videos seamlessly in real-time, as well as watch time and space freely,”

he said. . LG U + plans to install more than 50,000 base stations in the first half of the year to provide services to Seoul, the metropolitan area, and the six metropolitan cities, and install base stations in 85 cities and subway sections throughout the year. To provide stable quality 5G service, 5G dedicated core network is built and integrated optical line monitoring system is applied to 5G network.

The reason why Kim has not been confident that 5G will be able to raise the market rank is in content, rather than technical content such as B2B market and coverage. Among them, VR is the content that Mr. Kim thinks will be of particular interest.

Kim said, “We are expecting a change in VR, which was the problem of expensive hardware and a lack of useful or interesting software to justify this price.” The story is mainly coming from entertainment such as games, but the potential in e-commerce LG U + plans to provide customers with differentiated VR services by providing high-quality 3D VR contents, so that they can enjoy U + 5G. ”

With the commercialization of 5G (5G) mobile communication technology, it is expected that contents that were difficult to reach to users due to large data capacity such as virtual / augmented reality (VR / AR) and ultra high-quality lossless sound streaming. Now take a look at how these features of 스포츠중계 .

Domestic mobile operators are continuing to combine realistic technologies with popular content such as K-pop, sports, and e-sports along with 5G data unlimited plans. SK Telecom has prepared about 8,000 5G killer services and contents for ultra-high-definition media, AR, VR, games and communication.

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