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One point was to make a system for distinguishing players who could later be sold on revenue driven, Fosun introductions and messages appear. A 2016 email from a Agen Bola official portrayed putting and exchanging players as “the most rewarding piece of business in the football business.”

Fosun, Guo, Mendes, and Correia did not react to demands for input.

The knowledge into the aspirations of Guo, Fosun and 52-year-old Mendes originates from “Football Leaks,” a reserve of messages, contracts and different archives identifying with a few football associations that were gotten by the German distribution Der Spiegel and assessed by Reuters in organization with European Investigative Collaborations, a media consortium.

The reports inspected by Reuters rushed to mid-2017. It’s indistinct to what degree Fosun and Mendes have propelled their organization from that point forward.

Exchanging ability is regularly more productive than owning soccer clubs, state scholastics who concentrate the game. In any case, it is additionally a plan of action that a few fans, authorities and club proprietors reprimand and contradict. They state it redirects cash to specialists and monetary speculators that would somehow or another go to clubs and help support the lively challenge that fans pay to see.

Ivo Belet, a Belgian individual from the European parliament who has taken a nearby enthusiasm for football administration, said the connection among operators and clubs is a “major danger to football in Europe and it ought to be investigated all the more cautiously.”

The honesty of rivalry in the game is in danger when there are various associations between players, operators and proprietors of groups, he stated, and the EU needs to “continue putting weight” on football experts to expand straightforwardness in the game.

“Those connections … they are for the most part huge dangers to the respectability of our football,” he said.