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If you’re an online merchant, you should consider adding sweepstakes into your marketing mix. They’re an effective marketing channel to help grow your business, generate more leads, promote your brand and increase sales.

A sweepstake is easy and affordable to run, and when done correctly, their benefits are far greater than many other marketing methods. From a single promotion you can get more email subscribers, new customers, a boost in sales, an increase in followers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest, and greater brand exposure and awareness.

Planning and building

Sweepstakes are a relatively low cost marketing promotions method that can have a very high impact when it comes to growing an audience and building a business. Before you run a sweepstakes though, you need to plan it out so you have a roadmap for success with a set of predetermined goals. Many businesses think that by giving away anything for free they will automatically get a flood of new visitors, email subscribers, Facebook likes and sales. Unfortunately, without a clearly defined goal and a solid marketing plan, this is hardly ever the result.

To begin creating your roadmap for a successful giveaway, you’ll want to plan out each step of your promotion, ultimately arriving at the goal that you want to achieve. Once you have a clear roadmap you can start building your sweepstakes.