Criminals have Instagram profiles with many target followers

Criminals have Instagram profiles with many target followers

You hardly spent the last weekend without hearing about it. In the advertising of YouTube videos on Facebook and Twitter at bar tables: Bettina Rudolph (who writes with two T’s) dominated the talks since it was presented last Friday, 15th, by Empiricus, a company specializing in publishing financial content. “Hi. My name is Bettina, I’m 22 years old and 1 million and 42 thousand reais of accumulated equity,” repeats the ad in the company’s video ads.

It was supposed to be a big piece of advertising, attracting new people interested in financial investments. It became, moreover, a meme. On Twitter, just today, more than 4 million accounts have been exposed to the #Bettina hashtag. Even major brands got the hang of it – iFood, for example, made a joke.

Celebrities like the journalist Evaristo Costa and Fábio de Melo, too. Most of the reactions, however, were not good. In addition to many people who did not like hearing Bettina tell her story before all YouTube videos, publicity also raised debates about privileges – in another video of the campaign, Bettina says that at age 19, she received money from her father which he had saved for her all his life in a savings.

My grandmother left Panelas (PE) survived the famine, crossed the country and went inside SP, lost a child, created 5 others, helped found the pastoral care of the child in the city, is supporting Alzheimer’s and reaching 90 years. Money will never make you memorable Bettina, “said a Twitter user.

ÉPOCA evaluated Empiricus’s social network numbers to see if the advertising piece had the desired effect. The data was taken from the CrowdTangle. On Facebook, the company’s page has gained 4,300 followers since Friday. 

In the previous four days, for example, growth had been only 544. On page 15, the page had more than 54,000 interactions, while the number of previous days had not exceeded 200. But here is one important detail: when we evaluated the reactions, most users found the campaign funny. There were almost 26 thousand “haha”, compared to nearly 12 thousand “likes”.

Because Instagram constantly excludes fake accounts, purchased fake followers may be disabled shortly thereafter. That is, there is a great chance of you spending money and still losing followers drastically in your profile.

There are two most common ways to invest in followers. The first is by hiring a service responsible for creating fake accounts to enjoy your personal profile or your brand. They can also enjoy their posts, according to the negotiation with the company. for more info you can check that comprar seguidores brasileiros.

The second is to access a bot designated below true accounts, enjoy some posts automatically and, after a while, fail to follow them. The goal is for real people to follow the label of “follow me and I’ll follow you back” and come to follow the account.