Celebrate A Restaurant Promotion with LED Robots

The Robot Show is a ground-breaking entertainment idea that gathers jaw-dropping technology with one-of-a-type performance. Their robots are accessible internationally to perform and appear at any kind of event imaginable. They job with producers worldwide to make the state-of-the-art robot costumes and their dedicated performances are professional in-home by an expert choreographer. have a look via their range to find a robot that suits you.

Family events and kid’s parties

The Robot show is the best fun option for any family friendly event or private party. They can give walkout fun with lots of crowd interaction and even a completely choreographed performance by any of the robots in their team. Delivered straight to your home, the Robot Show is promised to leave your guests speechless. For attendances at children’s birthday parties, customers have the choice to contain the Birthday girl/boy in the performance.

Corporate business events

If you are looking for a creative way to market your event or brand, you have come to the best place. The Robot Show is an attraction for publicity and is the best way to get press and media coverage for your business. Accessible worldwide to appear at any kind of business event or brand activation, their robots will be customized to show all of your brand graphics and iconography. LED robots in Pembroke Pines Florida equipped with anything from a selfie camera to take images with guests, to a creative game to aid data retention – these robots are promised to get your audience linked with your event.

Music festivals and nightclubs

Nothing matches to the reaction of a room full of partygoers when a 12-foot robot walks out on stage. Completely equipped with laser guns, LED screens, and smoke machines and a look by the robot show will improve even the most raucous of nightclub atmospheres. Synced fully with music playing, our robots will do alongside any band, DJ, or MC. Further to full scale performances, the Robot Show is also accessible as a walkabout fun option. Whether you are a burgeoning music festival with three thousand attendees or one of the largest names in the game, the Robot show can support give your event the plus edge to set it apart from your rivals.

Whether you are looking for a true machine or a man in a suit, we will have the best robotic performer for your event. Accessible in all sizes and shapes, with any digit of top-tech extras and possible branding they will bring a flavor of the future to your event.


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