Birth of a strong erection

Birth of a strong erection

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Confirmed duplicate of two data made in the City of Rio Hacha, about the subversive developments of certain people of that area, against the Government, etcetera.

Duplicate of letter from the Viceroy of the Provinces of the Río de la Plata, D. Xavier Elío to the Infanta Doña Carlota Joaquina. He clarifies the reasons that constrained him to demand the assistance of the Portuguese troops and says that he can not fear the duties that outcome from the difference in lead of that Cabinet, which he reports in his letters of two and eleven of July. It additionally manages the direct of the English ideal to Buenos Aires.

Genuine request conveyed by the Minister of War, Heredia, to the Viceroy of the territories of the Rio de la Plata, giving him the exchange of the one he coordinates to the Captain Standard of Andalucia to put in that Army the five people he communicates, sent from Montevideo as impeding to their adherence to the progressive junta.

He says that he considers the arrangement completed and that it is his goal to request that the magistrates come back to England.With this intention he makes a broad thinking about the conduct of that Board, break of the Treaty of Peace, etc.

Printed free leaf, paginated “163-164” in which is embedded the “Law that appreciates the exoneration that the Diputación Typical of the United Provinces of Venezuela stipends to the detainees of surely understood bustle, executed in Valencia on July 11 last . »

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