3 tips to protect your phone

3 tips to protect your phone

This is a liquid material that covers your smartphone. The biggest problem with this material is that it is an invisible solution. Although the manufacturers claim it is a very safe solution – I would be very hesitant about that.

The Internet and a double-layered smartphone screen – you basically won’t know when it’s already damaged and it’s time to cover the new one. So you risk scratching your screen, and that’s why you’re looking for the best security tool, right? I wouldn’t recommend choosing this option. A Few Interesting Things Finding interesting information about screen protectors, I found information about 9H, which most of you probably have seen on safety glasses.

True? It is a mistake to think that this is a sign on the Mohs scale used to determine the hardness of various minerals. Seems logical, isn’t it? We are looking for toughened glass that protects against various shocks and scratches, and 9H should say that our purchase is overcome only by a diamond (the finest mineral on the Mohs scale). But, all of this is basically a marketing trick that probably works pretty well. Well, or at least it works, because today it is impossible to find a tempered safety glass without the indication that it is 9H.

However, this tag leads us to the pencil hardness scale (!?). 9H is one of the toughest pencils, and the most interesting thing is that it has no effect on the glass you choose. It was still possible to find out that some manufacturers 9H symbolized the packaging of their products, but did not even know okay it means exactly.If everyone writes so, why not do it and the guy, right? With regard to the Mohs scale, most of the sources on the Internet say Corning is developing Gorilla Glass safety glass, which most manufacturers use in their equipment is rated 6, five.

By comparison, quartz, which is the main component of sand, is rated 7.The mineral is resistant to anything that has a lower rating and is easily damaged by anything above, based on the Mohs scale. If you were browsing the internet, you would find that most safety glasses are equivalent to a score of 6-7 on the Mohs scale. This means that there is no perfect protection for your screen, but it is better to scratch and break what is easily and basically inexpensive, right?you can visit this site for more knowledge telefonu deklai.

It is not an easy thing to recommend a safety glass. In order to choose the one that suits you best, you should consider the budget you have, as this protection measure can be purchased for just over EUR or you can pay more than 50. However, I would mention Nillkin or RhinoShield, and you can mention your best experiences in the comments. Nano coating Another way to protect your screen is to use a nano coating.